Originally Published on ExecutiveBiz.

Artis has secured a potential $32 million contract to integrate and characterize a  company-built active protection system onto a fighting vehicle of the U.S. Army.

The company said Wednesday it aims to demonstrate the performance of the Iron Curtain APS in multiple scenarios under the first phase of the contract.

The Army can also request for additional testing and low-risk development efforts based on needs, available funds and program progress, Artis added.

The service branch’s Tank Automotive Research and Development Center and program executive office for ground combat systems co-manage the contract.

The Iron Curtain features dual sensors designed to prevent false alarms and works to engage threats with minimal collateral damage.

About Artis, LLC

Founded in 1999, Artis is an American-owned company specializing in advanced real-time information systems for commercial and defense markets. By managing time in microseconds, the company provides innovative solutions to long-ingrained problems in the areas of active protection, highway and automotive safety, and environmental sensing. For more information, call 703-964-0420 or visit: www.artisllc.com.